Our Beginnings

The choice to form a group of people with vast business experience
in different areas such as Commercial, Operative, Distribution, Supply,
Logistics, Development, Management Processes, Financial and the integration
between each one of them, led us to create what today is Xcope Consulting.

The company was created January 1st, 2006 in a project
that started amongst several partners in Lima, Peru and Bogota, Colombia.
The goal was to offer Business Consulting and Information Technologies
services to the Andean region (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela)
and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile).

In 2010 Xcope Consulting was formed in Monterrey, N.L.
which started its operations in Mexico.

“coparticipate in the growth
and well-being of our clients
and stockholders”
To become a revered consulting firm with renown and international presence, focused on results, to coparticipate in the growth and well-being of our clients and stockholders, becoming the best consulting firm to work in.
Maximize the use
of the investment in our new clients’
This is achieved through Consulting, Training, and Quality assurance services, in order to
contribute in the achievement of the company’s goals.
Our values
It’s our way of life, being congruent between our thoughts and our actions.
We value our credibility, and we correspond in the same way to others.
We are committed to the results our clients expect.
We constantly adopt new practices and methodologies, looking to always improve what can be improved.
Our main focus is always customer service, through teamwork and internal and external collaboration plans.
We base our every action in honesty and the coherence of our acts.